SSMC provides its students with comprehensive coverage of the best medical practices and exposure to leading-edge concepts in all important disciplines. The depth and breadth of our course offerings coupled with knowledge of inter-disciplinary learning allow students to focus on specific areas of study while receiving the broad perspective and skills that they require once they graduate.

At SSMC, We are committed to continuous improvement and will make strategic investments in critical resources to maintain our competitive position, our unique approach, and our overall level of excellence. Our faculty's research is at the leading edge of knowledge in their disciplines, influencing how their academic fields and related practice evolve.

The student support services team offers a range of advice, information & support services designed to enhance your experience as a student. Advisors support in number of areas including financial guidance, local Guidance, Career Guidance, Counseling & advice.

The focus goes beyond education.

SSMC aims to prepare students for life - ingraining in them the psyche of the eternal student - empowering them to be leaders in their own right.